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Improvement Of Beijing Metro Bogies

Beijing Metro bogies in operation due to the crack on frame, the Beijing Subway company of bogie design, prototype through a tender. In December 1996, the Ziyang diesel locomotive works won the bid, and in May 1997 to complete the drawings and designs in February 1998 for completion in truck loading. Trial operation and circuit experiments, bogie the specifications meet the tender requirements, excellent performance. In 2000, the Beijing Subway company Ziyang plant, commissioned several units. 1 bogie structure composed of h-shaped structure, the original bogie bolster, motors, gear boxes, wheel axle boxes and other components.

 Body passing through the center pins on bolster traction, bolster and frame air spring vertical connections between vertically connected by drawbar, motor rigid suspension in architecture, between the frame and axlebox end connected by a vertical coil springs, the other end through metal rubber elastic hinge. Improved original bogies and bogies to ensure maximum versatility in the part, a suspension with a v-shaped rubber spring, canceled the original vertical springs and elastic hinge structure of axle-box positioning, also make corresponding changes to the framework, the main differences.

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